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A first-time lawyer helps earn a $20m jury verdict after six years - Yahoo Singapore News

Lawyers Louis “Buddy” Yosha, Bryan C. Tisch, and Richard A. Cook of the Yosha Cook & Tisch are no strangers to the personal injury litigation trial. As a team, these lawyers have a combined experience of over 100 years in the courtrooms, and they have received a multitude of national recognitions for their efforts on behalf of their injured clients. Additionally, their legal expertise spans the gamut of judiciary practices and specialties, as that is what has contributed to their sustained group success.

Each of the men hold distinguished honors in their field, and they are all nationally acclaimed for their work in the courtroom. So if the team of Yosha Cook & Tisch – Personal Injury Lawyers are accomplished and capable masters of the American Legal System, it may be shocking to learn a first-time lawyer helped the men win a 20-million-dollar jury verdict for their client in Simmons v. Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL). The team specializes in, but are not limited to, personal injury claims, sexual harassment, product liability, breach of contract related to construction disputes, and most importantly for the first-time lawyer’s case, construction-related injury claims.

Who is Brandon Yosha?

Joining Yosha, Cook and Tisch was Yosha’s son Brandon, who only graduated from Indiana University two years earlier, on the case tried in front of Judge James Joven in Indianapolis’s Marion Superior Court. It was never Brandon’s plan to follow in the footsteps of his...

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